Wednesday, 9 May 2012

We Welcome Wilbur!

Yesterday our class welcomed a new member!
His name is Wilbur and he is a pig.
Each night he will go home with a student and they will write a recount about what Wilbur did.

Last night, Wilbur enjoyed a fun night at Nathan's house. We all loved having him to stay and hope he can come back soon.

Also yesterday, Nathan had a birthday and everbody in 2C is now SEVEN! Mrs Batham says that this has never happened in her class ever before.


  1. We all welcome Wilber. Wilber is a pig that we take home for one night. We have to write about what we did with Wilber some lucky people get Wilber over the weekend.

  2. I can not wait to take wilbur home.

    from sam dad.

  3. Hi 2C,
    I am Jacinta What ARE WE GOING to learn next week/

  4. I cart wait till it is my tern with Wilber.Wilber is going to have the best time with me.

  5. Hi 2C,
    Wilbur is a great name for a pig! We are looking forward to him staying with us when it's Ella's turn to bring him home. I hope he likes little dogs because I think our little dog is going to love him!

  6. Wow, everybody is 7. My next birthday has a 7 in it plus one other number?

    1. Hi Mr Mitchell

      We are trying to guess how old you will be.
      One person thinks 27.
      3 people think 37.
      14 people think 47.
      2 people think 57.
      1 person thinks 77.

      We might need to keep guessing.
      Mrs Batham's Class

    2. I am very happy with 3 students. They can have an A on their report card for estimation. 77? Really?