Term 1 Curriculum

Religious Education
This term we are exploring our school theme of "True Colours" as we celebrate our differences and the many special gifts and talents we have to share.
We will also look at the seasons of the Catholic Church - linking the idea of colours to the liturgical colours of each season.
Our Science theme of "Growing and Changing" will also link with our Lenten experience as we learn more about how this season of the Church offers as an opportunity for spiritual growth and renewal.

Although we will engage with a wide range of text types this term, there will be a particular focus on text types used in science including labelled diagrams, tables, reports and explanations.

This term we will enjoy two major investigations. Firstly we will be looking at measuring time in seasons, months, weeks and days as we investigate calendars and create our own class calendar. Secondly we will explore ways of measuring distance and learn more about shapes as we build a marble ramp.
Other topics that will be developed include number sense, place value and addition concepts.

Connected Curriculum (including Science, History, Geography, Technology and The Arts)
Our Connected Curriculum unit for this term is "Watch it Grow!". Our main idea is that living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves. We will also learn that science involves asking questions about, and describing changes in, objects and events. Students will represent and communicate observations and ideas in a variety of ways such as oral and written language and drawing.

Specialist Lessons
Students will engage in lessons with Specialist teachers for PE, Japanese and Music.