Term 2 Curriculum

Religious Education
This term our focus in RE is tied to our Friendship thread which also runs through Literature and HPE.
We will explore stories from the Bible and other literature which presents messages about friendship, love and forgiveness. Students will make links between the messages in these texts and their own life experiences.
We will also investigate just and unjust choices that contribute to peace in the classroom and playground.
Our Literature focus inquiry is "What can we learn from books about friendship?". Students will be exposed to a number of picture books with a theme of friendship and also view a movie with this theme. As a class we will enjoy listening to Charlotte's Web and exploring the friendship theme in this book too.
In both Language and Literacy we continue to focus on phonics, spelling and grammar concepts and learn to write a recount. We focus on simple sentences and expanding these to improve on our ideas. In computer time we continue to focus on using simple punctuation in our typing.
This term we will enjoy two major investigations. Firstly we will be looking at money, time, addition and subtraction concepts in our Show Time investigation. Through our second investigation, Quiz it, we will explore chance and data concepts. 
We will extend our understanding of number to include numbers to 999 and we will link what we know about addition to learning about subtraction.

Connected Curriculum (including Science, History, Geography, Technology and The Arts)
Our Connected Curriculum for this term is broken into a number of smaller units which are interwoven. In History we will learn about our local area through two topics: The Kenmore War Memorial and the Brookfield Show. Our science unit that has a Chemistry focus, "Mix it up!" will link nicely with our investigation into the show. 

Specialist Lessons
Students will engage in lessons with Specialist teachers for PE, Japanese and Music.

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