Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Perfect Possum Party!

On Wednesday we went to a Perfect Possum Party and met some new friends: Madelaine, Karl, and Mrs Muddle-up.
It was not like a people party because we did not have party games and party food, but we did learn a lot about being possums!
We have learnt to see the world through possum eyes.
If you were a possum, what would be your perfect possum place? What might you see, hear, smell, taste and feel?

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mysterious Happenings

Yesterday some curious things happened at school.
Firstly, Mr Mitchell came in and delivered a mysterious parcel to us. It was from a strange lady who said her name was Mrs Muddle-up.
Inside the package was a story about Mrs Muddle-up, Mongo and Maddy.
After we read the story, the sun finally came out and we could get the chance to go into our playground and do some deep listening and active exploring. We discovered lots of evidence that showed that there are many of Earth's Treasures in our school grounds.
We found some possum scats and some leaves that looked like they had been nibbled by something and we noticed some scratches on the trees that showed that some creatures had been climbing there.
This morning we were surprised when we arrived at our classroom and we found feathers and sparkles on our desks and some gum leaves on the floor and even a little piece of fabric caught in the door!
Zac made an inference that Mrs Muddle-up had been visiting us while we were not there. The evidence supports Zac's inference.
Sophia noticed that Mrs Muddle-up had left a note! She has asked us to help her invent some magic potion recipes for "Bush Magic Potion".
We know that some of the ingredients will be gum leaves, feathers and glitter.
What else would you put into a Bush Magic Potion?
How would you mix the ingredients in the recipe?