This page contains a list of useful links and links to websites used in homework

LIFE on the School Portal
Use this link to log in to our school portal, then click on the green LIFE logo.

Firefly Press
This website supports the work students will be doing in class in our SoundWaves spelling program. Weekly spelling lists and printable resources can be found in the BLM section. On-line games will provide further ways for your child to explore the words of the week. This website requires an access code to use it. Please ask your student for the code.

Study Ladder
Students are expected to complete set tasks in Mathematics for homework each week. They may also access a wide range of other activities. Free access allows students to complete three activities per day. Paid access is also available if you would like your child to do more than this.

ICT Games
This site contains many free games for students to practise ideas and concepts being explored in Maths. The children have particularly enjoyed the place value games on this site. They have been very useful for those students needing lots more practice in this area.

Hector's World
We have been learning about cyber safety in class using this great site from New Zealand. If you have time, explore some of the activities and resources with your child. This is a great opportunity for you to teach your child to use technology responsibly.