Homework in 2C has three main components:

Children are encouraged to read every night. They have a Reading Record Book to record their reading each night. This book will be checked weekly on Wednesdays. Please write something that describes the reading your child has done each day (Name of book, chapters, pages etc) and help your child to attach a sticker to the correct page to show how much they have been reading.
Homework readers are changed weekly on Wednesdays. It is expected that children will read some "levelled" books and some "free choice" books each week.
Levelled books are provided to help children to practise reading at a suitable challenge level for their needs. This books can be read more than once to develop fluency, expression and confidence.
Free Choice books might be library books from the school or council libraries, or special books that have been given as gifts. Free choice books can be read independently or with help from a family member or a special friend.
Homework reading should be regular and enjoyable to build confidence and a love of reading in your child.

The spelling focus words come from the SoundWaves program. We use an iPad app called SpellBoard to assess the spelling weekly. Using this app allows me to set different spelling lists which will better meet your child's individual spelling needs. The app provides excellent feedback for the students, parents and teacher.
There is an expectation that children will make an effort to learn these words but it is not necessary for students to write the words out multiple times and bring them to school.
I will know if your child can spell the words because of the results of the test.
Suggestions for learning spelling include the LOOK- COVER- SAY- WRITE- CHECK method, spelling the words aloud, writing the words in different colours, building the words with letter tiles, or playing the on-line games.
Support material for SoundWaves spelling is available at the Firefly Press site.

Another useful site is Spelling City.

Students will be expected to complete a number of activities in Study Ladder to practise the concepts that have been taught in class each week.
Your child will be given a password to allow them access to this site.