Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Our 2C Monsters

We have been writing descriptions about some monsters that we drew. Read our descriptions and see if you can imagine what they might look like from what we have written.
When you have read our descriptions you could leave a reply for us. We love getting comments!
If you draw our monsters please email them to us so we can compare them to our original drawings. We can't wait to see what you think!


  1. My monster’s name is Terro-goo. He is green. He is shaped like an oval but flat on the bottom. He eats trash and cars. He has very sharp teeth. They are orange because he never brushes his teeth. He has two giant yellow horns on the top of his head. They are shaped like bananas. And he has bunny ears. He has two round, staring eyes. His nose is a pink, pig nose. I wish that he was real.
    By Ben

    1. I love your monster Ben. But where are the legs and arms? thank you!

  2. My monster’s name is Snake Head.
    First, draw a circle head and eye. Second, draw a doughnut-shaped circle on top of the head. Third, draw four snakes coming out of the doughnut shape. Fourth, draw two curly horns on top of the head. Fifth, draw a bigger circle for the body, two squiggly lines for the arms and sharp claws. Lastly, draw four squiggly lines and your monster is finished! (Colour it in if you want!)
    By Harrison

  3. My Monster’s name is Mr Killer. My monster has an orange body and has a circle mouth, with teeth that have blood dripping from them. And he has a jet pack that never comes off. On the jet pack he has three guns, a rocket and 4 missiles. He also has ten eyes. He is very angry. He only wears underwear, and he holds a big black dynamite circle, and he also has another type of dynamite. I wish he was real.

    By Josh

  4. My Monster’s name is Slobster
    First, draw an oval. Second, draw two short, wobbly legs. Third, draw the arms. Fourth, draw four guns. Colour the body oval black. Colour the guns green. Then colour the arms orange.
    By Zac

  5. The weird Monster
    My Monster is very fat. My monster’s name is cool dude. He has a very spikey tail and he has 6 eyes 2 on his face and 4 on top of his head and he has 3 layers of teeth. My monster’s body is green and red and his face half green and the other half red. His legs are very skinny and same as his arms and on his left arm he has a chainsaw a circle shaped head and body. He is around 30c high and 15 wide.

    By Ryan

  6. My monsters name is Mr Doly my monster is shaped like a dolphin it is half furry and half scale and has two sets of wings with two in each one he has sharp claws on his fin he has a vampire tooth and a scary eye he has a brown hat to. It is nineteen cm wide and three cm tall (rain bow scales) (four claws)

    By Hannah

  7. My Chimera Monster

    My monster is mixed- up!
    It has two horns like a goat, ahead of a lion and the wings of a bat. It also has two front tiger legs, two back horse legs, and a body of a fish as well as a tail of a snake. It is ten and a half centimeters wide and ten and a half centimeters long.
    I love my Chimera Monster!
    By Penelope

  8. My monster
    My monster looks like an ice-block. His name is Icy man. He has three wings one mantrap, a saw, a hammer and a chainsaw it has 4 arms. Three of the arms are blue and one is red. The mantrap is yellow the hammer is green and the saw is grey but the chainsaw is brown it has no legs it has three eyes all the eyes are grey. It is a triangle. It is 15cm tall and 10cm wide.
    By Kyan

  9. My monster is a very friendly monster. My monster has teeth as sharp as a knife. He is fifteen and a half centimetres long and fourteen and a half centimetres wide. It has huge, flappy wings so he can fly away from hunters. He has fluffy blue fur to keep himself warm. He has big oval shaped eyes so he can see in the dark. He has sharp claws so he can scratch himself and so he can climb trees. He has a long and soft tail so he can steer himself when he is flying. He has a furry mouth so he can eat fruit. He has large, pointy ears so he can hear sounds and noises. He has two blue arms and two long blue legs. His name is Snowy.
    By Olivia

  10. My monsters name is Monkey Cone.
    He has 2 giant pink ears. He has 4 eyes he has 2 purple eyes on the top of his head and 2 green and orange eyes in the middle of his head. His head is big and brown he has blood coming of him. He has a black mouth. He has brown arms and legs. He also has a yellow cone.


  11. My monsters name is Poo Monster.
    My monster is like a bugs body and it has six straight legs with two straight arms with a circle head and two horns and claws on for his hands and feet. And a molty coulored
    By Hunter

  12. My Monster

    My monster’s name is Slime Dude. It has a slimy body and head. It is blue it has one magic eye and another light eye that lights in the dark and two heads one eye on each head. It is a bit scary its favorite food is people. It also eats bugs like red backs, white tails, huntsmen and daddy long leg spiders.
    By Angus

  13. My monster is very friendly and cute. Her name is Violet because she is a violet colour. She is about 8cm. My monster is like a panda and it’s got panda ears that are small. It’s got cute big round eyes. My monster has got sharp claws. My monster has a special talent, which is that she shot two people with an arrow and then they fall in love. It has four legs, a round head and an oval body. The tail is like a arrow with a love heart on the end. It has love heart wings. If you make it angry it will scratch you all it will make you in love with someone else you don’t like. It has violet fur, black ears, one foot is black and red for the colour of the wings. By Fumiko

  14. My monster is called Man Donkey.
    It has two red wings.
    He has a bow and arrow on his back.
    My monster is yellow.
    He has green slime on his mouth.
    He has blood coming out of his eyes.
    He has two legs.
    He has two arms.
    By Nic

  15. My monster name is Maddy.
    My monster is like a mini poodle. Her tongue is sticking out. She has fire under her feet. She has skinny wings & puffy feet with a bow on her head. In longways she is 7cm & crossways she is 5cm.her eyes are big and wide.
    by ella j

  16. My monster’s name is Rainbow C.
    He has seven round rainbow eyes.
    He has three red horns and one belly button. He has ten sharp yellow and black teeth. He has no feet.
    He has one pair of light green and dark green wings.
    He has one pink tail and two red and orange arms.
    He has two purple ears and one light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue and purple head and one light blue, pink and yellow tummy.


    1. Wow! These are some amazing monsters! I love your rainbow monster, Charlotte, I can see him in my mind very clearly. I wonder if he is friendly, and if he likes ice cream?

    2. Well dad Rainbow c can eat ice cream but if he does he might get sick.
      He is very friendly and I think he will like you but he is very scary and has sharp teeth and he is very colourful too.

      I LOVE YOU

  17. My monster is called Smiley. She is round on top and flat across the bottom. She has two eyes with crosses in them and two long, skinny arms that go straight out. She's got a nose that is shaped like an L and a toothy grin. She has two very skinny legs. On her body is a flower pattern. I like my monster.
    By Jacinta

  18. My monsters name is Ghosty.
    My monster is like a ghost.
    It has three horns shaped like candy canes.
    It has two big eyes and one tiny eye all shaped like diamonds.
    It has one pointy yellow nose.
    It has pointy teeth red teeth with a red mouth.
    By Amilia.

    1. Your monster was realy easy to draw but you could have said more about the colours.

  19. My monsters name is Rapunzel she has a head and two eyes and a nose and one mouth. And three freckles on each cheek and two vampire teeth. And a sparkly pink and purple and blue dress and two arms and two hands.
    By Sophia

  20. My Monster
    My monsters name is Scary Bear. My monster is very scary. It has 1 big tooth the top half has red blood on it and the bottom is black. Its body is an Oval shaped monster. Its body is 19cm long it has four hands. In one hand it has a toothbrush in the other he has a drill, another had has a bear and the last one has nothing in it. It has two faces attached to its body. It’s eyes are inside it’s mouth. It has a green grave stone on it’s head and two purple space balls attached to the grave stone. His whole body is green, two of his hands are green, the other two are skin colour.
    By Sam

  21. My monsters name is Big Blob Bob.
    My monster wears his Superman underwear on the outside. He also has Superman’s cape. He has two big green ears and he has two legs and four arms, two on each side. He has three eyes. My monster is half brown and half green, the green is on the right hand side and the brown is on the left hand side.
    By Nathan.

  22. My monster’s name is Deadly.
    He has lots of types of green on him -dark green and light green. He has lots of stripes.
    He is very big and hairy and fat.
    By Ella S

    1. Your monster sounds very terrifying Ella. I like how he is different shades of green, as it is my favourite colour! However, maybe you could tell me how many arms or eyes he has.
      Keep up the good writing!
      From Mrs Burns and her class in England.

  23. My monsters name is Fire head
    Fire head eats coal for breakfast,lunch,& dinner.
    Every thing he touches starts to melt to lava.
    My monster has poison spit so when he has his the pray in it's mouth it dies straight away.
    My monsters is black all over & it has red eyes like a spider & it's a python.
    & it has fire on it's head.
    By James

  24. Wow, you have written some excellent monster descriptions 2C! I will get my class in England to draw them and send you some photos soon :o) Mrs Burns.

  25. I really liked drawing your monster Josh. Thank you for giving me a lot of information next time you could probaly tell me if Mr Killer has any arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By Elise WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Great monster descriptions Angus! However,you didn't include the nose,mouth,hair,arms,ears,legs,hands,and feet so I didn't draw them in.

  27. I love your monster Fumiko!!! You are very good at your description! Maybe next time you could tell me what color the face is.

    From Sam