Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fun at Carmody Carnival

This morning we had a carnival called Carmody Carnival. We were selling things that we made from mixtures. All the other Year 2 classes came to our carnival to be the customers.
The stalls were Popcorn and Fairy Floss, Sidewalk Painting, Number Slime, Bubble Blowing, Rockets, Finger Painting, Moon Sand and Sherbet.
Excuse me, how much is your popcorn?

Wow! Sherbet! What is in the mixture?

Stand back! It's ready to launch!

We all had lots of fun making the mixtures and learning about Science in the morning and we certainly had fun learning about Maths by selling our mixtures to our friends.
We were very excited about our carnival. We would love to do something like this again.
Fabulously fun fingerpainting

Moonsand Magic
Blowing brilliant bubbles

Pavement painting

Monday, 28 May 2012

An explosive experiment!

Yesterday we conducted a science experiment to find out which mixture makes the best pop. We were doing this because we are planning to have a special day and one the groups is making rockets that will need to pop. We wanted to find out how to make them work really well.
First, we mixed coke and mentos in a little container and put the lid on quickly. The mentos and coke fizzed and bubbled but the reaction was too fast and we couldn't get the lid on in time to catch the gas.
Second, we mixed bicarb soda and vinegar. The mixture fizzed and bubbled and gurgled but only some of us got the lid on in time to catch the gas.
Third, we mixed aspirin and water. We put the lid on the container and the tablet bubbled a little bit. It didn't look like it was going to do anything but, all of a sudden, it went


We learnt that aspirin and water made the biggest pop!
Can you find other mixtures that make a great pop?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A weekend at Ella's place

This week-end it was my turn to take Wilbur home. On Friday we had McDonald's for dinner. We found out that Wilbur loves chicken nuggets! Saturday morning was very cold, so I found Wilbur a lovely warm dressing gown to wear. We had yummy porridge for breakfast. Later, Wilbur watched me score my first soccer goal in a game! Mum said he cheered loudly for me! On Sunday my family and Wilbur had a lazy morning.  At night he ate dinner with my dog and cat. We had so much fun, we really hope that Wilbur will come back again soon!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wilbur visits Penny

Last night, Wilbur came to my house.
First he had to go to ballet with me.
Then he had dinner with me.
After that I had a shower but Wilbur didn't want to get in.
And then we read stories until it was time for bed.
I hope Wilbur can come back soon.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Night at Millie's

Millie's family were very happy to have Wilbur come and stay for the night. After school Wilbur got to sit in the front of the car for the drive home. He even had a turn at driving ! When we got home Wilbur did some homework with Millie. Then it was time to go to Millie's Tap Dance class. After Tap dance Wilbur was ready for dinner. Wilbur got very messy eating his slops for dinner, so he had a bath with Millie and her little sister, Madeline. Wilbur is all clean and ready for bed, but first a bedtime story..... " Charlotte's Web"

Wilbur at Ben's House

Wilbur came to Ben's house. It was a very busy afternoon. Nana and grandad were staying over too. All the family were very excited to meet Wilbur. Wilbur ate dinner with us but he ate his out of a bucket! Then he played some games with Ben and his brothers he especially loved being thrown in the air by Ben. When it came to bedtime Wilbur and Ben read a story together. Just as everyone was falling asleep Wilbur let out a huge oink. Mummy was a little cross and told him to go to sleep now so everybody snuggled back down for the night. We had a great time with Wilbur.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Reading in our Pyjamas at School!

Today 2C and the rest of our school wore our pyjamas to school!
This is because it is National Simultaneous Storytelling Time.

We went to our school hall to listen to a story called "The Very Cranky Bear". Lots of other children all over Australia were listening to the very same story at the very same time.
We also raised money for the Pyjama Foundation. This is a charity group that help children who live in foster homes by wearing their pyjamas and reading to the children. They are called Pyjama Angels!
You can read more about the great work they do by visiting their website.

We felt a bit nervous and silly wearing our pyjamas to school but we were happy and excited to have such a great day and to raise money to help other children who are not as lucky as us.

Wilbur's Time at Harrison's House

After school today Wilbur and I went to the shops.  We bought some donuts for afternoon tea and Wilbur enjoyed the piggy back ride that I gave him.  We went to the Library to sign up for the Gold Star Reader’s Challenge and Wilbur looked at books with me.  After we went to the shops, we came home and ate the donuts.  Wilbur shared my donut and he got cinnamon sugar all over his face!  Then Wilbur and I practice piano.  After that, Wilbur and I played the Wii and some iPad.  Then we had dinner.  Wilbur was happy that we had chicken instead of bacon or pork!  Finally, we did some reading together and then we went to bed. 

By Harrison

Monday, 21 May 2012

A Big G'day to our Quadblogging Buddies!

This week we are looking forward to getting to know our quadblogging buddies even more!

In 2C we have been learning about the Brookfield Show.
We have learnt about how it has changed and stayed the same since it first began way back in 1910.

Have you been to a show? What were your favourite things to do at the show? What exhibits did you see? Did you win any prizes at the show?

We would love to hear about what you like about going to the show!

Wilbur's Sleepover at Nic's House

On Monday night, Wilbur came to visit Nic’s house.  Everyone felt very special to have Wilbur have a sleep over.
During his stay, Wilbur played balloon footy, basketball and soccer.   There was lots of action and excitement, as Wilbur scored two tries.
Wilbur enjoyed the dinner menu, Tacos!   He got the sauce all over his face.
Everyone, including Wilbur, helped clean up after dinner.
Then it was time to hit the books.  Wilbur watched as Nic and his big brother’s did their homework.
After an action packed afternoon it was time for Wilbur and Nic to say, goodnight.

Lucky Wilbur Goes to the Show Again!

Wilbur had lots of fun this weekend at the Brookfield Show. He was very curious about the big shark ride and he nearly fell into the shark's mouth. Wilbur loved watching the fireworks the best.

By Olivia

Miss Murray's Time with Wilbur!

It was Olivia’s turn to bring Wilbur home with her but she was not at school today. So Mrs Batham asked me if Wilbur might like to have a sleepover at my house for the night so he didn’t get lonely.
After school, Wilbur came to babysitting with me, Lana and Jack thought he was very cute. Then he helped me make dinner – we made Chilli Con Carne. Then he met my massive teddy bear which a friend gave me. I think they are friends now.
Tomorrow the Year 2 classes are going on an excursion to Brookfield Show! I think that Wilbur might like to come with us. He might make some piggy friends! I think he will be Best in Show!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fumi's Time with Wilbur

I took Wilbur to after school care with me. We went up to the shed and played on the equipment.
Then we went home and Wilbur met Kimba - my toy dog.
I played the piano while they sat on the piano chair next to me. 
After I played the piano I went on the computer and did my study ladder with Wilbur and Kimba.
We then read my library books and had dinner with my mum and dad.
Kimba and Wilbur watched TV.
Finally, we went to bed.

Bye bye Wilbur, can you come back soon?



Wilbur visits with Zac

Wilbur and I had a really fun afternoon.
Firstly, we went on the slide.  Next, we played footy.  Wilbur is really good at kicking the footy over the posts! I never knew a pig could drive a car !  He loved driving my brother’s red car!! Then, we played soccer.  I was Chelsea and Wilbur was the goalie for Manchester United – Wilbur saved the day!
After dinner, we were so tired we read books and both of us fell asleep.
I am happy we had Wilbur stay at our house.  He is so cute, I wish he could live at our house.
From Zac

Wilbur’s Mother’s Day Adventure

Today was a busy day for Wilbur.
To start, Wilbur and I went to my Nanna’s house for a Mother’s Day morning tea.
We loved the pancakes and were a little bit piggy with the yummy cake.
Next, we returned home and watched Mummy open her presents. She really loved the cinnamon sugar. We then all jumped in the car and went to Bribie Island. We put flowers in Grandma’s memorial.
Wilbur and my family then had some yummy fish and chips at the park. We took some photos of Wilbur having a fantastic time. He didn’t want to go in the water! We played in the playground and then got delicious ice-cream.
After this, our tummies were full. Wilbur and I were tired and it was time to go home.
Wilbur and I had a wonderful weekend together. You might just say he is some pig!

Ryan (and Wilbur!)

Monday, 14 May 2012

The History of the Brookfield Show

This week we have been learning about the History of the Brookfield Show.
In 1910 they held the first ever Brookfield Show. It went for one day.
A girl named Lily Ballard won a prize for her handmade petticoat. A petticoat is like a dress girls used to wear under their real dress.
They wore their best clothes to the show because they were very proud of what they had made.
The showgrounds has a big flat space where they performed and showed off their horses.
They had one farm exhibits to show off the things they had made on their farms.

We made a certificate to imagine what prize we might have won if we went to the show in 1910. We made paper dolls to see what their clothes looked like.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

We Welcome Wilbur!

Yesterday our class welcomed a new member!
His name is Wilbur and he is a pig.
Each night he will go home with a student and they will write a recount about what Wilbur did.

Last night, Wilbur enjoyed a fun night at Nathan's house. We all loved having him to stay and hope he can come back soon.

Also yesterday, Nathan had a birthday and everbody in 2C is now SEVEN! Mrs Batham says that this has never happened in her class ever before.