Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Night at Millie's

Millie's family were very happy to have Wilbur come and stay for the night. After school Wilbur got to sit in the front of the car for the drive home. He even had a turn at driving ! When we got home Wilbur did some homework with Millie. Then it was time to go to Millie's Tap Dance class. After Tap dance Wilbur was ready for dinner. Wilbur got very messy eating his slops for dinner, so he had a bath with Millie and her little sister, Madeline. Wilbur is all clean and ready for bed, but first a bedtime story..... " Charlotte's Web"


  1. We would like a pet in our room too! This sounds like fun :D Sounds like Wilbur had a really fun time with Millie. We were wondering who writes what Wilbur gets up to? Is this done at home or at school?

    From Room 9 - Swannanoa School

    1. Sometimes we write at school and sometimes we write at home.
      We need to make sure that we are careful with our personal details. We call that Yappy. We need to do our best spelling and punctuation and maybe get an adult to check first. We call this editing. It is also very important that we remember to say nice things to other people. We call this a compliment.
      From Mrs Batham's Class.

  2. Hi Millie
    We're glad that Wilbur had a bath at your house because we didn't get time to bath him at our house.

    1. I hope Wilbur had a good time.
      From hunter

    2. It's ok if you didn't wash wilbur.
      from Amelia

  3. Millie, I hope you had fun with Wilbur. By the way, why is Wilbur a pig?
    from Hannah

  4. Hi Millie
    Did you have fun with Wilbur? Did he eat all of his dinner?
    from Ben

  5. Hi Room 3C your class pet looks so cute! We would love to have a class pet.
    Why do you have a class pet?
    Why do you take it home?
    Why are you studying with Wilba?

    Do you need to be good to take him home?

    From Bonnie and Daniel - Swannanoa School

  6. Is Wilbur good at driving the car?

    from Ryan