Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fun at Carmody Carnival

This morning we had a carnival called Carmody Carnival. We were selling things that we made from mixtures. All the other Year 2 classes came to our carnival to be the customers.
The stalls were Popcorn and Fairy Floss, Sidewalk Painting, Number Slime, Bubble Blowing, Rockets, Finger Painting, Moon Sand and Sherbet.
Excuse me, how much is your popcorn?

Wow! Sherbet! What is in the mixture?

Stand back! It's ready to launch!

We all had lots of fun making the mixtures and learning about Science in the morning and we certainly had fun learning about Maths by selling our mixtures to our friends.
We were very excited about our carnival. We would love to do something like this again.
Fabulously fun fingerpainting

Moonsand Magic
Blowing brilliant bubbles

Pavement painting


  1. Hi 2C Scientists!
    I heard that the 'Carmody Carnival' was a huge success! It's great that you are all enjoying science so much!

  2. In my group there was Jacob and me. We did exploding. We mixed water and aspirin tablets in the little containers. The mixture exploded! We had so much fun on that day.

    from BEN

  3. At the carnival me,Hunter and harrison did bubble blowing we got $5.60 we got the lowest amount of money in the class. Our subject wasn't that popular. It was only 15cents for three turns.

  4. Hi Ella's mum,it was so cool at Carmody Carnival! Me,Hunter and Kyan did bubble blowing. We had lots of customers and money.
    From Harrison

  5. At Carmody Carnival had Kyan and Harry I made 5.60

  6. Yesterday we had Carmody Carnival.
    My group (Charlotte and Hannah)did Moonsand.
    It's like wet sand but thicker.
    We made $7.30.
    I hope we can have it again.
    From Penelope

  7. At the Carmody Carnival, me, Nathan and Sophia were in a group. We made sherbet. We had green and blue sherbet. To make it, we mixed jelly crystals, citric acid, baking soda and icing sugar. We sold it for 50 cents each. Our group made lots of money.
    From Josh

  8. Zac and Ryan and Nic did Tressures in the slime. We mixed borax, food colouring, glue, water. from Zac

  9. I had Maya and Sam in my group at the carnival.We were making fairy floss and popcorn.We had it in the ice cream shop.My team were the fist team to run out of food. We raised about $12.
    From Fumi

  10. In my group I have Hannah, Penelope and Charlotte. We did moon sand and we mixed stuff like sand, cornflour, water and food colouring. We had lots of people at our stall.
    from Hannah

  11. Some comments from Mrs Calvert's Class:
    Reis and Noah both said they had some Moon sand and it is great fun, some other members of our class have some too.
    Charles wishes that we had a carnival, actually we are having a summer fair next month, when we will be making crispie cakes to sell on our stall.
    Lily thinks your carnival sounds great fun.
    Kallum wants to know what you made with the sand.
    Morgan wonders what number slime is, it sounds interesting.
    James thinks it sounds like you all had lots of fun.
    Jack E thinks he woud love your carnival.
    Lexie C thinks the food sounds delicious.
    Oliver wants to know if there were lots of other things going on at your carnival.
    Jack F thinks he would like to taste the popcorn.
    Mrs Calvert wants to know if your Fairy floss is the same as our Candy floss.
    Jamie wants to taste all of the food - everyone else in our class does too.

  12. Hi Year 2,

    When I was walking by I saw you all in the playground so I stopped to find out what you were doing. It looked so interesting. I got a very big fright when some intersting white tablets exploded in a little plastic container and then I got to try some home made sherbert which was very tasty but gave me the shivers. Year 2 looks like a lot of fun!!