Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wilbur’s Mother’s Day Adventure

Today was a busy day for Wilbur.
To start, Wilbur and I went to my Nanna’s house for a Mother’s Day morning tea.
We loved the pancakes and were a little bit piggy with the yummy cake.
Next, we returned home and watched Mummy open her presents. She really loved the cinnamon sugar. We then all jumped in the car and went to Bribie Island. We put flowers in Grandma’s memorial.
Wilbur and my family then had some yummy fish and chips at the park. We took some photos of Wilbur having a fantastic time. He didn’t want to go in the water! We played in the playground and then got delicious ice-cream.
After this, our tummies were full. Wilbur and I were tired and it was time to go home.
Wilbur and I had a wonderful weekend together. You might just say he is some pig!

Ryan (and Wilbur!)


  1. How many chips did Wilbur eat? from Fumiko

  2. We went to the Bookcfeid show and Zac's Mum helped us go to the Brookfield Show.
    By Nathan

  3. Did Wilbur fall done the wall? from Jacob.

  4. Cool Ryan! I've been to Bribie Island to. It's really fun, isn't it?

    From Harrison

  5. At Bribie at Bongaree beach.

  6. Wilbur ate too many, his tummy was full