Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Reading in our Pyjamas at School!

Today 2C and the rest of our school wore our pyjamas to school!
This is because it is National Simultaneous Storytelling Time.

We went to our school hall to listen to a story called "The Very Cranky Bear". Lots of other children all over Australia were listening to the very same story at the very same time.
We also raised money for the Pyjama Foundation. This is a charity group that help children who live in foster homes by wearing their pyjamas and reading to the children. They are called Pyjama Angels!
You can read more about the great work they do by visiting their website.

We felt a bit nervous and silly wearing our pyjamas to school but we were happy and excited to have such a great day and to raise money to help other children who are not as lucky as us.


  1. Hi 2C,
    I wish I could wear my pyjamas to work some days - but I might curl up under my desk and go to sleep!

    I hope you enjoyed the story "The very cranky bear". What a wonderful thing the pyjama angels do by reading books to children who are living in foster care!

  2. Great work guys on your blog.
    We wish we could have a pajama day.
    Why do you have a pajama day?
    Is it a special occasion?

    From Jacob and Sam.

  3. Was the Cranky bear story funny? What interesting words were in it?
    The story sounds fun!

    From Madison and Sarah.