Monday, 21 May 2012

Wilbur's Sleepover at Nic's House

On Monday night, Wilbur came to visit Nic’s house.  Everyone felt very special to have Wilbur have a sleep over.
During his stay, Wilbur played balloon footy, basketball and soccer.   There was lots of action and excitement, as Wilbur scored two tries.
Wilbur enjoyed the dinner menu, Tacos!   He got the sauce all over his face.
Everyone, including Wilbur, helped clean up after dinner.
Then it was time to hit the books.  Wilbur watched as Nic and his big brother’s did their homework.
After an action packed afternoon it was time for Wilbur and Nic to say, goodnight.


  1. Hi Nic I hope that you had a good time with Wilbur. from Jacinta