Monday, 28 May 2012

An explosive experiment!

Yesterday we conducted a science experiment to find out which mixture makes the best pop. We were doing this because we are planning to have a special day and one the groups is making rockets that will need to pop. We wanted to find out how to make them work really well.
First, we mixed coke and mentos in a little container and put the lid on quickly. The mentos and coke fizzed and bubbled but the reaction was too fast and we couldn't get the lid on in time to catch the gas.
Second, we mixed bicarb soda and vinegar. The mixture fizzed and bubbled and gurgled but only some of us got the lid on in time to catch the gas.
Third, we mixed aspirin and water. We put the lid on the container and the tablet bubbled a little bit. It didn't look like it was going to do anything but, all of a sudden, it went


We learnt that aspirin and water made the biggest pop!
Can you find other mixtures that make a great pop?

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