Monday, 21 May 2012

Miss Murray's Time with Wilbur!

It was Olivia’s turn to bring Wilbur home with her but she was not at school today. So Mrs Batham asked me if Wilbur might like to have a sleepover at my house for the night so he didn’t get lonely.
After school, Wilbur came to babysitting with me, Lana and Jack thought he was very cute. Then he helped me make dinner – we made Chilli Con Carne. Then he met my massive teddy bear which a friend gave me. I think they are friends now.
Tomorrow the Year 2 classes are going on an excursion to Brookfield Show! I think that Wilbur might like to come with us. He might make some piggy friends! I think he will be Best in Show!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Miss Murray,
    I'm glad that Wilbur had a good time at your house. I hope Wilbur enjoyed eating his dinner. I'm sure your BIG teddy and Wilbur are good friends now.
    From Jacinta