Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Perfect Possum Party!

On Wednesday we went to a Perfect Possum Party and met some new friends: Madelaine, Karl, and Mrs Muddle-up.
It was not like a people party because we did not have party games and party food, but we did learn a lot about being possums!
We have learnt to see the world through possum eyes.
If you were a possum, what would be your perfect possum place? What might you see, hear, smell, taste and feel?


  1. Hi 2C and Mrs Batham!

    Gosh you have been doing a lot of fun things since I have been gone! I hope you are all staying nice and warm this winter! Like a possum?

    Did you dress up for your Perfect Possum Party?

    What did you learn about seeing the world through possum eyes?

    I have a possum at my house that tries to crawl in through the windows. I think he might be cold and wants to come inside and play!

    Have a great weekend,
    Miss Murray

  2. If I was a possum I would live in the rainforest. I would find a cosy hollow to live in. In the night I would find some food for my dinner.
    In the morning I would find some juicy flowers and some fruit for my
    Breakfast and have a nice sleep all day.

    Always look through possum eyes!

    From Charlotte.

  3. Maddy found one dark, cosy hollow in an ancient grey gum tree and she saw some bugs making hollows. She looked up and saw some twinkling stars and Maddy felt some leaves rustling on her back. Maddy climbed on her mum’s back and went to sleep.
    From Hunter.

  4. My Bush Magic Potion
    1. 5 yellow corn seeds
    2. Add 3 hands full of grass put it in the bowl
    3. 3 pink flowers and 1
    red flower
    4.add some mud and mango juice and mix them all together

    from Ella Jones:D

  5. Bush Magic Potion

    A pinch of glitter
    A dash of dew drops
    3 crunchy eucalypus leaves
    6 small gum blossums
    1 fether
    3 bits of bark
    Crush the nut
    And then I have sand in one hand and sticks in the other and then mix them and after that your done.

    From Ryan

  6. Maddy heard some crickets and she also heard some frogs. Then Maddy found a nice cosy hollow in the pofict possm place. She saw the moon lite shinig. and she also saw lots of little stars tiwikling in the night sky. From Nathan

  7. Maddy saw some of her favourite food. She could see a nice hollow and could hear very nice birds singing from the tree. She could feel leaves falling from the tree because they tickled her tail as they fell.
    By Zac