Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kids Teach Kids!

This week is Kids Teaching Kids week at our school so we have been working with our buddies. They have taught us about persuasive texts and they helped us put our ideas together to summarise the work we have been doing about living sustainably with native wildlife.
We used our iPads to create videos we can share with other students in our school to teach them about living in harmony with native animals, especially possums.
First we used our favourite new app: Pic Collage to make a picture about our ideas and then we used Sonic Pics to record our voices explaining our ideas. There were lots of different jobs we had to do when working with our partners and our buddies. Some of us had great ideas, others could write the ideas down quickly. Some of us are very good at using the iPads to make picture collages, others are great at reading with clear voices. When we work together we can create great things!
You can watch our videos here!
Olivia and Joshua

Hannah and Fumi

Kyan and Ryan

Nathan and Nic

Ella and Maya

Ben and Edward

Sam and James

Amelia and Charlotte

Ella and Jacinta

Penelope and Sophia

Hunter and Zac

Harrison and Jacob

What else could people do to live more harmoniously with native animals? 
What reasons can you give for your ideas?


  1. Hello 2C,
    What a wonderful job you have all done with your videos! You made some very important points about living sustainably and looking after our environment. I will certainly keep all those things in mind so I can help animals and plants live safely too. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are glad that you heard our message and will try to help animals, plants and people live together.
      We hope lots of people watch our movies and learn about our environment.

  2. 2C say that we should plant more native trees.
    Ella says that this will mean they can grow old and have hollows so possums and owls and other animals have a place to live.
    Pen says possums and other animals can eat the fruit, flowers, bark and leaves from these plants.
    Harrison says this will mean they won't eat people's vegetables from their gardens.
    Fumi says we need plants so animals and people can breathe and live.

  3. Hunter, Harrison and Nic says to plant more native trees.And lock your dogs and cats up.

  4. If we do not put a birdbath in your garden birds won't get a drink.

  5. I think we should help animals. by picking up rubbish on the ground. by hannah

  6. Ella and me Charlotte were looking at some of your videos.
    They were great videos we love them.