Thursday, 30 August 2012

Kids Teaching Kids Week was a lot of fun!

This week our school celebrated Kids Teaching Kids Week.
There were lots of activities around our school.
We went to our Year 5 buddies and they taught us about how important it is to not throw rubbish in our drains because it ends up in our rivers and then into our oceans.
Sea creatures can die because of our litter. We must pick up our litter and try to recycle instead. Turtles eat plastic bags because they think they are jellyfish.
We visited the Preps and learnt about native bees. We found out that native bees don't sting but they do bite. Bees are very important in our world because they help plants to grow by spreading pollen. We all need bees to live.

We listened to another Year 2 class talk about rubbish. We were amazed by how much rubbish we throw out every lunch time at our school. We can use containers instead of wrappers to help cut down on our rubbish.
What did you learn during Kids Teaching Kids Week? 
How can we help our environment so we can have a better world to live in?

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