Friday, 27 April 2012

What am I? - A Writing Challenge!

This week we are having a writing challenge that will help us to become better writers.
Here are the rules for writers:
1. You must write at least three clues. 
2. You should use interesting words in your clues. 
3. Each clue must begin with a capital letter. (We use the SHIFT-key to make a capital letter.) 
4. Each clue must end with a full stop. 
5. You should get someone to check your spelling before you publish your comment. (This is called editing.) 
6. The last line should be a question: Who am I? or What am I? 
7. Publish your riddle as a comment to this post. 

 Here are the rules for guessing:
1. Reply to the comment, not the post, so we know which riddle you are guessing. 
2. Anyone can have a guess - mums, dads, friends, buddies, other students. 
3. Think about your spelling when you are having a guess at a riddle. 

 Happy writing, reading and guessing!


  1. Fumi's riddle

    1. People are always commenting on me.
    2. I am bright and colourful.
    3. I have many different parts to me.
    4. The more you add to me the bigger I get.
    5. Stick with me and I'll teach you a lot.

    What am I?

  2. It is big.
    It is tall.
    It is fat.
    It has big wings.
    What am I?

  3. I can be everwhere.
    I have two legs.
    I start with p and end with e
    Who am i ?
    Ella j

  4. You can find me in the ocean.
    Sometimes creatures live in me.
    I'm all different sizes, shapes and colours.
    What am I?

    1. I think it is a seashell.
      From Harrison.

    2. Harrison - you are correct!

  5. I always run but never walk.
    I can murmur but never talk.
    I have a bed but never sleep.
    I have a mouth but never eat.

    What am I?

    1. Is it a river?
      From Harrison

    2. What has a tongue but cannot speak?

      by Harrison

    3. I think it's a lizard but my dad thinks it's something that you can wear.

    4. Is it a shoe?
      From Edward

  6. I grow in the garden.
    I am pretty.
    I smell lovly.

    what am I

  7. I am at the start of eternity
    and at the end of time and space.

    What am I?

    From Edward

  8. I have eight legs. I have lots of eyes. I can be deadly if you annoy me. What am I?

  9. Is it a spider?
    From Penelope

  10. I had a big tummy.
    and a tiny tail
    and a floppy ears.

    What am I?

    By Ben

  11. I start with s and end with r.
    I am a type of fish.

    What am i

    from Edward

  12. I start with s and end with l.
    I am poplier.

    What am I

    From Edward

  13. I start with a m and end with a m.
    I am an insect.

    who am I

    from Fumiko

  14. I am cool.
    I am in the air.
    I am fast.
    from Jacob.