Thursday, 26 April 2012

Plenty to Remember

This Wednesday, on the 25th April, we had a public holiday for Anzac Day. We have been learning about Anzac Day as part of our local area History study during the past two weeks. We read from Jackie French's new book: A Day to Remember. We have learnt about some of the special symbols of Anzac Day. One symbol is the War Memorial. Lots of towns, cities and districts have war memorials to remember the Anzacs. We have one down the road from our school. On Anzac Day some people march from our school to the War Memorial. Poppies are another symbol of Anzac Day. In World War I lots of soldiers fought in the fields where poppies grew. The red of the poppies can remind us of the blood of the soldiers who were hurt or who died. The black seeds in the centre of the poppies reminds us of sadness and grief.
Other symbols we have learnt about are rosemary for remembrance, slouch hats that the soldiers wore, and Anzac biscuits. We made Anzac biscuits last week. They were yummy.
On Anzac Day we remember that many people were hurt and suffered because of wars all around the world. We pray for peace and that people can find a way to live together in harmony.

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