Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mealworm Results

Today is the last day of our Mealworm Growing and Changing Experiment so we will announce the winner of the competition!

Today we have 3 mealworms, 2 pupae and 12 beetles in the classroom. This means Ella J's mum is our lucky winner. Thank you to all of our readers who participated. We had lots of good guesses.

We discovered that the mealworms in the fridge are not changing into pupae and beetles. Only the mealworms in the classroom are changing.

After we wrote our conclusions into our science journal we drew a diagram to show the life cycle of the mealworm (which we now know is the larva of a darkling beetle.

We really enjoyed learning about mealworms but Mrs Batham says we haven't finished learning about science yet. We wonder what other exciting things we will learn this term...


  1. 2C , I'm sure you would all agree that it has been very exciting learning about the life cycle of the Mealworms. I wonder what interesting things your going to learn about next in the weird and wonderful world of science.

  2. Thank you for the certificate!! I was amazed to hear that I had guessed the right number of beetles! I can't wait to hear about your next science project. Well done 2C!!