Monday, 12 March 2012

Clean Up Australia Day

Fumi says: Sunday March 4th was Clean Up Australia Day but because this was not a school day we had a special Clean Up Our School Day on the Friday.
Each class was assigned a special area to take care of. We had to clean up the area near our classrooms and our eating area.
Nic says: Clean Up Day is a good day for our school. We had to pick up paper.
We sorted the rubbish into different types of materials. This helps with recycling and composting and is a good way to care for the Earth.


  1. What a great job you all did to help keep your school beautiful.
    Kyan's Mum

  2. Glad you're putting those gardening gloves to good use, Miss P! x

  3. Hi 2C, Great job with cleaning your school. It is very important to look after the environment for our future. Other things we can do to preserve our environment is recycle, use less packing in our lunch boxes, start a veggie garden and use green bags when shopping. Can you think of anything else we could do 2C? Ask Edward if he knows.

    1. We thought of these ways that we can help our environment:
      Jacob said we could catch public transport.
      Amelia said we could put our rubbish in the bin.
      Penelope suggested we could plant seeds and grow our own vegetables at home.
      Charlotte reminded us not to leave our rubbish on the ground.
      Sophia said we shouldn't draw on desks (or walls, or anything other than paper).
      Josh said we could leave the car at home and scoot to school!
      Edward said Active School Travel is a great way to help the environment.