Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How much is a metre?

This week in Maths we are learning to measure with metres.
On Tuesday we measured things to find out which things are about one metre. We used a piece of string that was one metre long and worked with a partner to find things in our room and playground that are about one metre.
The mat is 1 metre wide.

The shelf is about 1 metre tall.

The fence is about 1 metre tall.

On Wednesday we measured things that were about two metres. We measured across, along and around objects with our metre strings. We found that we had to use keep our finger in place when measuring so that we knew where to start measuring the second metre.
The drinking trough is 2 metres long.

The door is 2 metres wide.

We learnt that the kangaroo and emu can both grow to about 2 metres tall. We used our strings to measure and draw kangaroos and emus that were 2 metres tall.

Who knew measuring could be so much fun?
What else can you find that is about one metre or about two metres?
What did you use to measure?


  1. Hi everyone,
    I really liked your chalk drawings. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. I wonder how big your classroom is?
    Keep learning,
    Fumi's dad.

    1. We measured our classroom on Friday. It is 8 about metres long and about 8 metres across. It is about 3 metres high at the tallest part.

  2. Have you measured each other to see how you compare to your one metre pieces of string?

    1. Everyone in our class is more than one metre but less than two metres. Even Mrs Batham!

  3. Next time you have a swimming lesson, maybe you could measure how long, and wide, the school pool is, in metres?

    1. The school pool is about 20 metres long. It is about 9 metres wide. We measured from the outside edge of the high pavers, not the inside of the pool.

  4. Good job 2C it's very interesting measuring different objects. You could measure your classroom and see what shape it makes - rectangle / square / triangle / circle? Ella S's mum

  5. When we measured our classroom we found out that the floor is almost a square! Fumi spotted a pentagon in our room! The other walls are oblongs. Oblongs are rectangles that have two short sides and two long sides.
    A rectangle that has all the same sides is called a square.

  6. Hi 2c it's Ella S here. I was wondering if we could have a walk around the school and pick out different shapes like the quad, pool, CCC and other places.

  7. Its cool to measure and I like to measure too. I've learned 100cm are in a meter. Last month we
    learned how to measure capacity, length and mass. Do you like to measure? Why do you like to measure?

    Dana and Victoria at TKS