Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Easter Bilby

In Australia, we have many symbols of new life that we recall at Easter time.
Yesterday in our class liturgy we used eggs, seeds, mealworms, butterflies and the crucifix as symbols to remind us of the Easter story.
A special Australian Easter symbol is the Easter Bilby. The bilby is an endandered Australian animal that looks a bit like a rabbit. We want to give our endangered animals hope for a new and better life at Easter too.
We made Easter Bilby baskets from recycled milk cartons with our buddies today and we wrote a report about bilbies too.
Bilbies are marsupials. This means they have a pouch.
Bilbies have fluffy grey fur and big, rabbit-like ears.
They have a black tail with a white tip.
They have a long snout and sharp claws.
Bilbies use their sharp claws for digging their burrows or to protect themselves.
They are nocturnal. During the day they sleep in their burrow because it is too hot.
Bilbies live in the desert in Australia.
Bilbies eat insects and their larvae, spiders, fruit, bulbs, seeds and very small animals.
Bilbies are endangered because other animals like feral rabbits eat the same foods as the bilbies and take over their habitats. Some feral animals like cats and dogs eat the bilbies.
We have the Easter Bilby as a symbol for Easter to remind us that we need to give the bilby a chance at a new life.


  1. Hi 2C,
    I think the bilby is a beautiful animal and I hope we all succeed in saving this endangered species from extinction. There are many animals around the world that are endangered - do you know of any others here in Australia?
    I hope that all have a lovely break over the Easter holidays and come back to school ready to learn many more interesting things!