Monday, 12 March 2012

Our new Quadblogging Buddies!

We have new buddies from around the world now that we are quadbloggers.

We know that "quad" means 4 because we learnt that a quadrilateral has four sides. Quadblogging is four blogs who share the blogging fun together. Each class takes turns at reading and commenting on the other blogs.

We found out about Quadblogging from reading other class blogs and now we are very excited to get the chance to get to know our very own Quadblog buddies.

The four blogs in our quad are:
Room 19 Pinehill School
Year 4V
And of course 2C from A Year in Year 2 (that's us!)

We can't wait to learn more about our new buddies and to share our stories with them too!


  1. Wow 2C! Do you what countries your new blogging buddies are in?

    1. We have been reading our buddies' blogs to find out where they live.
      Pinehill are from Auckland in NZ.
      TKS is in Saudi Arabia.
      4V are from the UK.
      We have had a look at the world map to see which places are closest to Australia.
      We are also finding out about the weather and climate in these places.

  2. This sounds like an amazing opportunity to learn about some different countries and how their schools / classrooms may be the same or different from life in 2C. When you have found out about the weather and climate in these places, which do you think would be the best to live in and why?

    I look forward to hearing more about your quadblogging buddies.
    Kyan's mum

  3. Hi 2C - this is Miss Vaughan from class 4V at Clarendon Primary School in Bolton, UK.
    We can't wait to get to know you, it looks like you do some very exciting things in class.
    Hope to hear from you soon.