Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Science with Mealworms

This week we have been doing some experiments in Science to find out more about our mealworms.
We know that scientists ask great questions and then try to find the answers to those questions using fair tests.
Our first great question was "Can mealworms see?" We tried to tell if they liked one colour more than the others.

Some of us found that they went on to all different colours. Some of us noticed that there were spots on their heads that could be eyes. Some people saw that their mealworms only went to blue.
We made made claims about whether mealworms can see or not based on our evidence.
Our second experiment was to answer the question "Can mealworms smell?"
We put some different smells on cotton buds and put them near the mealworms. The mealworms crawled onto some of the smells. Sometimes the mealworms went away.
Sam suggested that this was because the smell was too strong.
Mrs Batham has one more experiment for us to do today. We wonder what it will be.


  1. Hi 2C, Your blog is awesome and I'm really looking forward to reading all of your posts. Who knew mealworms were so interesting? I have a question, do mealworms have teeth? Looking forward to your reply, Hunter's Mum

  2. Hi 2C, Ella J was so excited to tell me every day this week about the interesting experiments you have been doing with mealworms. I am so impressed by your curiosity and learning!

  3. What kind of smells did you use in your experiment, 2C?

  4. In our experiment about smells we used perfume, porridge, eucalyptus oil, juice and water.
    They seemed to like different things like water, perfume, juice and porridge.
    Some of them liked all of the smells. Some of them didn't seem to like any smells.

  5. Sounds really interesting 2C! What was the third experiment you did?

  6. Our third experiment is a long experiment. We are trying to find out how temperature affects the way that mealworms grow and change. Some of our mealworms are changing into pupae. We wonder what will happen next.
    By the way, we had a look at our mealworms to see if they had teeth. Their mouths are so small it is hard to tell even with a magnifying glass. We read on the internet that they don't have teeth.