Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Move It! Poem

Today we have been learning about verbs.
We have written a pattern poem about animals and the things they can do.
The pattern is noun-verb, verb-verb-verb.

Here is our poem:

Move it!
Sharks prowl,
swim, bite, kill.
Kangaroos jump
kick, box, hop.
Cats hunt,
watch, slink, pounce.
Mealworms wiggle,
shed, moult, crawl.

Maybe you would like to write your own pattern poem and leave it as a comment.


  1. Dear 2C

    Kyan's been asking me to come on to your amazing blog and write something so here I am attempting to create a pattern poem - I hope I did it right and that you like it.

    Children giggle
    play, grow, learn.
    Parents cuddle
    teach, cook, clean.

    Keep smiling
    Kyan's Mum

  2. This is a beautiful poem. We really like it.
    We can see the pattern.
    It is noun-verb, verb, verb, verb.

    Thank you

  3. Ella has made a pattern and rhyming poem about bugs.
    It is based on the poem, Bug Chant by Tony Mitton.

    Bright bugs, light bugs,
    Buzzing around your light bugs.
    White bugs, kite bugs,
    Give a little fright bugs.