Tuesday, 5 June 2012

What a day! What a week!

Besides being a once in a lifetime chance to see the Venus transit, today was also Queensland Day and yesterday was World Environment Day.
It has been a very busy week!
We wrote ways that we can help our planet and we tidied up our school grounds.
We made Queensland Day sunnies with pineapples.
We looked pretty funny in our sunnies!


  1. Hi 2C and Mrs Batham!

    It looks like you have all been very busy since I've been gone. I'm very disappointed that I didn't get to see the Venus Transit because I was at work all day. I love your pineapple sunnies, Sam. Is there anything else that you all did to celebrate Queensland day?

    Please say hi to Wilbur for me.

    From Miss Chapman

    1. Hi Miss Chapman

      Wilbur says "hello"!
      We miss you.
      I hope that you learnt lots when you were with us and we might get to see you again one day.
      For Queensland Day we made sunnies and we cleaned up our school. It was so clean we could hardly find anymore rubbish to pick up.
      Today we listened to our Year 5 buddies sing a special song for the Queen. And then we had our sports day. It was fun.

      From Jacinta

    2. Hi Miss Chapman
      we also celebrate Queensland day doing a song.

      From Sam