Saturday, 13 October 2012

Our Marvellous Toys

This week we listened to an old song about a marvellous toy and watched an animated version on YouTube. We also read a book about the same marvellous toy.

The artist who created the animation and the artist who illustrated the book had used their imaginations to think about what the toy might have looked like.
We decided to have a go too!

Here are our pictures of the marvellous toy:

Describe your marvellous toy.
What does it look like?
What can it do?
Why do you like your marvellous toy?


  1. My terrific toy

    My toy is a deadly remote control laser and bullet shooting toy.

    It is used for destroying and killing stuff. It is also a spying droid so it can send
    messeges to destroy the houses. They are going to make more of me in a factory.
    Then remote control them at night and they send more deadly toys. There are 1 more of my kind. I’m deadly because I’ve got machine guns on my head and pistils on my legs. I look like fun but I’m not.
    I wish i had one.

    From Edward

  2. My Extraordinary Toy
    My toy has weapons for mayhem and destruction. The weapons are also used for attack and defence. My toy has two claws, two chainsaws, a spike ball and a laser gun. My toy lives in natural habitat with snow and ice. There is two species of my toy. It has two green buttons that look like big eyes. I think my toy is spectacular because it can run, walk sprint and fly with its jetpack. I also think it is very bright and colourful.

    By Harrison

  3. My Marvellous Toy
    My marvellous toy is awesome, cool and amazing. It is spectacular.
    It has five shiny white wheels, one yellow winder, two green eyes and three green triangles it can fly in the sky and go under the water. And it mostly has red on it. I like it because it can fly, go under the water, it also has two blue squares that look like windows and it has three blue ovals. It is awesome, cool and amazing. I have grown up with it for a long time.

    by Angus

  4. My Marvellous toy.

    My extraordinary toy is extraordinary and very awesome.
    My toy is very colourful it has a orange arm , a blue arm and one blue leg , orange leg and it has two green eyes and two red evil eyes and it can play soccer and rugby and he can ride a ripstick punches face his name is cool dude.
    By ryan

  5. My super Toy
    My super Toy is extraordinary and excellent.
    It has two green buttons that look like big green eyes and it went creak when walked and beep when it stopped.
    It had heaps of colours red, blue, green, gold and orange. He has tincy legs and long arms. It has two yellow arms and one yellow leg. It also had an orange leg it had a red eye and a blue eye and the nose is green and blue.
    He is syco.

    by Kyan

  6. My Extraordinary Toy!

    My Extraordinary toy is spectacular and terrific because it never runs out of battery.
    It has two green buttons that look like eyes on its bottom.
    It has a light, a shelf, a whistle and a speaker.
    It can march and it has a floor before the shelf.
    I love my toy because it’s different.
    from Fumi

  7. My Great toy
    My great toy is the best toy ever. You could not believe how good it is. (It’s a RIPSTIK!). I can ride it so well and it’s sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome! Do you think you could ride a ride a RIPSTIK? You should have a go on the RIPSTIK too.
    By James

  8. My Extraordinary Toy!

    By Penelope

    My Extraordinary Toy has two green buttons on the bottom and very bright colours.
    It marches left and right and it has wheels.
    It has very long arms and a lid with a key.
    I like my toy because it is unique.

  9. My amazing toy
    My amazing toy is terrific and excellent. It is colourful. And when it stops it blows a bubble then pops it. if you press a button its head pops out and it says surprise. It has two marching legs. And when you pull its antennas at the same time it follows you. And when you press another button gives you a remote and a xbox 360 you can play its was awesome I even played for 4 hours so my mum grounded me. but if you press the last button it dances. But don’t let it dance to much because it can get lost.

    by Hannah

  10. The amazing toy

    My toy has lots of amazing things. It also has a lot of colours. I love my toy. Because Its big and it sings happy birthday. It loves me and I love it to. And when I say get me a drink. It gets me a drink. My toy is awesome

    by maya

  11. My Marvellous toy

    Is Marvellous because it can spin up the stairs.

    Is red with blue stripes and orange in the middle with purple and blue wheels and a purple handle bar.

    It twirls and spins and goes up and down.
    And it glitters
    and it sparkles like the sunshine.

    By Sophia

    My terrific toy has a glow up star on its tail. It has a lovey hat. It comes with accessories like a brush & treasure. With lots of patterns & colours . With the brush you can brush its fur . you can press its nose and my toy will bark . It can fly . You turn my lid and my toy will move. I love my toy because it can fly!

    By Ella j

  13. My great toy
    My great toy is a dragon you could not want this more than anything. It can talk like a dragon and can walk and fly and has really big, sharp spikes. If it eats something it keeps it there. It can act like a real dragon. It has two big, green buttons. It has four big, lava eyes. It can blow fake fire and it has really sharp claws. It has really sharp teeth. I wish it was real.
    By Jacob

  14. My Wonderful toy.
    My wonderful toy is very awesome. It has two blue legs and two yellow arms. My guy is funny because he has four cockatoo feathers, four buttons that look like eyes, three mouths and three fingers. And my background in my picture is red. I think my toy is very cool, because it is very colourful.
    by Zac

  15. My Marvellous Toy
    My Marvellous toy is a little bit fat. It has legs instead of wheels. It can fly and it can answer the phone. It has arms to. It has spy camera inside of it.
    I wish my toy was real

  16. My Wonderful toy.
    My Wonderful toy is very cool it has green eyes. It has big red legs. It has a purple head. It has a yellow tummy.
    It has two buttons.
    It has a sun. I thing that it is cool.
    from Nic

  17. My marvellous toy
    My marvellous toy is extraordinary and it is awesome.
    My toy is terrific and very bouncy and very, very bouncy. When you press the two green buttons it goes boing!
    I like my marvellous toy because it makes me jump and hop and run away sometimes and I like my marvellous toy because it has lots of colours.

    by Charlotte

  18. My marvellous toy

    My marvelous toy is a soldier. It has paint. It has the colours red, blue and yellow. I love my marvellous toy. It is my favourite toy. My toy loves me too. Toys are for playing.
    By Ben

  19. My Marvellous toy
    My marvellous toy is beautiful. It has a hook up the top so that if you want to hang it up you can hang it up. It is very colourful. It has stripes of red, orange, blue, purple and green. It can spin around and go back and forth. It can even turn around and around really fast.
    I really like my toy because it is like a rainbow.
    By Jacinta

  20. My Marvellous toy

    My marvelous toy is amazing. It has two swirly arms. It has two big legs. It has two big green buttons. It has one winder so that it can move. I wish it was real.
    By Amelia

  21. My Marvellous Toy
    My extraordinary toy is awesome.
    It has two green buttons and they look like big green eyes.
    My toy also has two huge blue arms that it uses to pick up things.
    It has two purple tubes that are stuck on his arms so that it can keep the world healthy by watering the plants. He has two yellow wheels so that can drive to places he needs to go. And best of all it has a rainbow screen so he can watch television and see people instead of driving to see them.
    And last but not least, it has a purple fan so it can cool itself of when it is hot. It also uses the fan so it can fly whenever it wants to.
    I love my toy because it is colourful and because it can fly and has a rainbow screen. I love my toy so very much.

    By Olivia

  22. What fascinating descriptions of wonderful toys! You all have such vivid imaginations and creative spirits!

  23. My Marvellous Toy
    My marvellous toy is great. It has a lot of features like bells, an umbrella and an exhaust pipe. It is so colourful. It has a green button on it. It has lots of engines and two legs.
    I wish it would be in the stores.

    By Sam

  24. I enjoyed the colourful drawings of the marvellous toys. They are very imaginative and would make great Christmas surprises.